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Crane operatorTRAINING SPECIALISTS - From Forklifts to Overhead Gantry Cranes to Vehicle Banksman

Other Courses

Vehicle Banksman Training Course

The Forktruckman certificate for the Vehicle Banksman does not include any authority for the Vehicle Banksman to become involved in the direction of vehicles on the public highway. Any Vehicle Banksman asked or required to assist in this area must act with great care and avoid unnecessary obstructions to other road users.

Practical training and assessment will be undertaken on the customers premises. Natural hazards will probably arise, and may be created by simulation ( boxes/crates to limit vision, etc.) provided care is taken, candidates waiting their turn for practice/testing may be used as ‘stooges’ and should be encouraged to take part in ‘problem solving’ exercises.

Shunter Training Course

Shunter Training is the training of a Non LGV driver to drive Artic and Rigged vehicles on a companys site, completion of this course allows you only to drive on-site and not on the public highway.

To be able to participate in this course you must have held a full driving licence for at least 1 year.

During the course you will be taught to;

  • Pick up and set down trailers
  • Laden and unladen trailers
  • Manoeuvre around on site
  • Reverse
  • Couple and Uncouple
  • Complete a Vehicle check

On completion of the course you will be issued with a certificate of attendance.