OHG Cranes and Slinger Signaler

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Overhead Gantry Cranes and Slinger Signaler Training Courses

Crane Operator Training Course

Overhead cranes are to be found in many different types of industry and while all lift the load from directly overhead there are several different methods of control.

These are:

  • Pendant Operation the crane is operated by means of a pendant control which is attached to the crane and used at ground level by the operator
  • Remote Operation similar to pendant operation but the remote control is not attached to the crane. This system allows the operator more freedom to pick the best place from which to operate the crane.
  • Cab Control the operator on this type of crane sits in a cab that is usually attached to the crane. This gives good visibility of the lifting operation.

The course covers the following:

  • The legal requirement for selection & training operators
  • The Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER)
  • The Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998
  • Pre-use inspection of the equipment and common defects in lifting tackle.
  • Approved methods of signaling
  • Safe working practices and the Operators safety code
  • Slinging techniques and the effect of different techniques on sling capacity
  • Theoretical knowledge and practical assessment

All courses are aligned to BS7121 – Safe Use of Cranes Approved Code of Practice.

An important element in the use of cranes is the involvement of a signaler who directs the crane operator in the movement and positioning of the load. The Overhead Crane course includes a section on signals the operator can expect to see.

Slinger Training Course

This course helps employers to meet the requirement to train candidates in the safe and efficient methods of securing loads with ropes, chains or slings for lifting. It also covers the basic skills and knowledge necessary to give precise guidance and signals to others who are operating the lifting equipment. This course complies with the Health and Safety Approved Code of Practice.

Course Content

  • Risk assessment & control
  • Giving signals to operators of lifting equipment
  • Inspection of the equipment used
  • Responsibilities of the slinger / signaler
  • Tag Lines
  • Practical Training